Men’s Rugby Looks to Defend Northwest 7’s Title

ELLENSBURG, Wash.-The trip to Texas A&M and a National title will have to go through Memorial Stadium once again for the CWU Men’s Rugby team. The annual 7’s competition brings together Northwest Collegiate Rugby Conference (NCRC) foes in Seattle.The winner advances to the USA Rugby 7’s National Championship in College Station, Texas.

Central Washington Men’s Rugby team has thoroughly dominated the competition throughout the NCRC 7’s Series. Winning both tournaments at Oregon State University and Washington State University. The Wildcats have not lost in 7’s competition this year and will look to continue that trend.

Even though the Wildcats are favored, they will see some stiff competition from Western Washington and Oregon State. Western was a 2011 USA 7’s Rugby National Championship participant.The Vikings played the Wildcats in the Cup final at the Palouse 7’s tournament hosted by Washington State. The Beavers also played the Wildcats in the Cup final at their home tournament where the Wildcats won a hard fought match.

Central Rugby has won every NCRC 7’s Championship tournament since it’s inception in in 2010. The Wildcats are also looking to improve on a second place finish at the USA Rugby 7’s National Cmapion

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Schedule is Below with CWU matches bolded

Opening Ceremony
8:40 CWU WOU
9:00 WWU BSU
9:20 EWU ISU
9:40 OSU UPS

10:00 CWU UO
10:20 WWU WSU
10:40 EWU UI
11:00 OSU UW
11:20 UO WOU
11:40 WSU BSU
12:00 UI ISU
12:20 UW UPS
1:00 Seed #1 Seed #8
1:20 Seed #2 Seed #7
1:40 Seed #3 Seed #6
2:00 Seed #4 Seed #5
2:20 Seed #9 Seed #12
2:40 Seed #10 Seed #11
3:00 L1/2/3/4 L1/2/3/4
3:20 L1/2/3/4 L1/2/3/4
3:40 W1/2/3/4 W1/2/3/4
4:00 W1/2/3/4 W1/2/3/4
4:20 L5 L6 11th/12th
4:40 W5 W6 9th/10th
5:00 L7 L8 7th/8th
5:20 W7 W8 5th/6th
5:40 L9 L10 3rd/4th
6:00 W9 W10 1st/2nd