Daytona Beach in March…

6 Wrestlers and head coach Chris Chambers will head to Daytona Beach, Florida for NCWA Nationals. The wrestlers are Steven Alfi, Kevin Madson, Kyle Moore, David Kuich, Christina Ordonez, and Cady Chambers.  The wrestling begins Thursday, March 8th and runs through Saturday, March 10th. Alfi, Madson, Ordonez, and Chambers all received automatic berths to Daytona Beach, while Moore and Kuich were “wild card” entries.

Central has individual title aspirations from both Cady Chambers and Christina Ordonez. Chambers is currently ranked fifth in weight class according to while Ordonez is ranked 4th in her weight class. Cady Chambers was a former wrestling stand-out for the Yakima Valley College Yaks and Ordonez is a freestyle national champion who transferred to Central from Jamestown University.

On the men’s side all of the wrestlers will have have tough roads to medal rounds. This is due to them all being 3 and 4 seeds. They will number 1 seeds throughout the tournament, but Coach Chambers is confident his guys can do some damage in Florida.